What is Green for Life?

Over 2,000 companies inspiring your outdoor living...

Green for Life is a program from your provincial landscaping trade association, a group of green industry businesses working together to promote the joys and benefits of plants and landscapes.

Landscape association members are experts in their fields: landscape contractors, garden retailers, landscape designers and more. Member companies range widely in size and specialty, but all members are united in their appreciation for nature, and their desire to improve quality of life for everyone by making the province greener.

This passion goes beyond business. Landscape association members believe in environmental stewardship. Plants form the green industry's foundation, and they create oxygen and cool the Earth.  Plants are unique in actually improving our environment!

Experts from Green for Life companies can help you do your own part for a greener world. On top of the environmental benefits, investment in green enhances your property value and draws your family together outdoors.

Landscape the province, with Green for Life!

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